International Talent Workshop is  film workshop intended for students, and young people with different point of view from around the world. Students are united together for learning and creating quality film accomplishments with the idea of spreading tolerance.

International Talent Workshop is completely free. The workshop is organized by an association of Jewish Film Festival, headed by Honorary President Branko Lustig (“Schindler’s List,” “Gladiator,” “Black Hawk Down,” “American Gangster”), a double winner of the prestigious film awards Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA and many others.

The workshop leasts for seven days. 10 participant work in 2 groups and going through a theoretical and practical part. Lectures of workshop are renowned professionals from Croatia and all around the world such as Branko Lustig, Mirko Ilić and Darko Lungulov.

Oscar winner Jochen Alexander Freydank („Toyladn“), Florian Gallenberg („Quiero ser“), Stelan Skarsgård („ Good Will Hunting“, „The Avengers“) were just some of lectures on previous ITW.


This year we expecting famous name as Jeanine Merapfel (“Days to Remember”, “The Girlfriend”, “Amigomio”). Project menagers are croatians film experts Staša Čelan and Andrej Korovljev.

The participants will be led through the whole process of filmmaking, starting with writing/editing scripts, through the directing, filming, editing and, finally, ending with films’ screenings, by prominent international and local film experts. After the films have been edited, they are presented to the Festival of Tolerance audience in kino Tuškanac on the last day of the Festival. The jury, consisting of three notable professionals from the fields of film and art, then pronounces the winning group.

All costs, accommodation and food are covered by the Festival, participant from other countries have to paid only transport.

Oficial language of Workshop is English.

Detailed program, with the schedule of lectures, pre-production, shooting and editing, will be determined  form May 17 to May 24.